Caitlin is a wonderful child care provider. She really cares about the children she takes care of and loves them as if they are her own. She has a fantastic approach with teaching and developing young minds. Caitlin is well rounded, which definitely is shown based on how well her kids behave after being with her. She is responsible, always on time, and incredibly kind. I would trust Caitlin with any of my children at any time!           Alexa L.

Caitlin is well beyond qualified for teaching and caring for children! She believes whole heartedly in communication and has plenty of experience in the field of work. This is someone who is extremely dedicated to childcare and you will not regret having her as a babysitter.        Logan S.

I 100% recommend Caitlin to anyone looking for a caring, responsible, and kind babysitter to watch over their children. I have worked with Caitlin for over 5 years in the nursery off our church and you can really tell that this is the type of work that is meant for her. She is great with kids of all ages and has tons of experience!          Courtney F