Why Choose Us

Why Choose Sitters On the Fly

Here at Sitters on the Fly, we understand that finding sitters that are reliable, experienced, trustworthy, and available when needed can be challenging and inconvenient at times. This is why we strive to recommend sitters that your children will love and be safe with. Our sitters bring skills, patience, and a passion for childcare that makes babysitting SO much more than a job to each and every one of them... taking one thing to worry about as a parent off your plate.
  • We connect with the best sitters in your area and happily provide you with those resources.
  • We fully understand and accommodate different budgets by teaming up with our sitters to provide the community with cost effective childcare.
  • Varied skill sets
  • Convenient - available when you need them
  • Security - we do the research and background checks
  • Reliable, experienced and trustworthy